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Ascension Saint Alexius's Hospital Dog

Filling a void that medicine can't fill

Thanks to generous donations — including a grant from the Foundation’s Physicians Council and gifts from associates and other donors —  Ascension Saint Alexius acquired Ascension Illinois’s first hospital dog to provide specialized, full-time support to patients, families and staff.  

Like a traditional therapy dog, Link is a calm and uplifting presence for people during stressful times. As a hospital dog, though, he works with one of his handlers onsite at Ascension Saint Alexius eight hours a day, five days a week — or more if needed. He not only interacts with patients and visitors, but also with physicians, hospital staff and volunteers. 

Link’s specialized skill set, which he received through training he began at eight weeks old, allows him to provide support and interventions for children and adults with medical, emotional and other needs at the hospital.


“Thank you for bringing Link to the hospital.”

— Joey, grateful patient

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Link — Ascension Saint Alexius's Hospital Dog

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