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Physicians Council

Physicians giving, granting and healing

Your gift helps continue our mission and tradition of caring for the most vulnerable and underserved in our community.

About the Physicians Council

The Physicians Council is a group of over 115 physicians who have chosen to make a commitment to being active partners with the Foundation to leave a lasting physician legacy of care for patients in the community.

  • We are building a physician legacy through philanthropy to ensure that future physicians can address the needs of patients within our health system.

  • We are addressing unmet community needs currently threatening the health of our communities.

  • We are engaging other physicians who might be interested in joining us in making a lasting impact on the needs of those we serve.

  • To date, the Physicians Council has awarded $765,000 in grants for programs that serve the homeless, teens with autism spectrum disorders, people with chronic mental illness and for the vulnerable in acute care ministries.

Read more about the Physicians Council in our October 2021 blog article.

Grant applications for fiscal year 2023 are no longer being accepted. For questions, please contact


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